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The Things I Love

"B" is for Bleeding Through!

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"B" is for Bleeding Through!

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Ok, so I guess I kinda suck at this updating/writing everyday thing. It started off as such a good idea. And with school starting I'm not sure how well I'll do then either. But let's go...

So I have an interesting story about how I got into Bleeding Through. I started hearing about them from people on my friends list talking about them and Eighteen Visions, Avenged Sevenfold, and so on. It was during my first year at K-State too. So I decided to download one of their songs but had no idea which one to pick. I searched for them on my non-iTunes music program. I picked "Love Lost In A Hail of Gunfire", the reason: they misspelled "Hail" to "Hale" and our library is Hale Library. I know, stupid reason but whatever. I listened and didn't like it because I wasn't into screaming music at the time.

But I went on and started reading about Brandan in my fan fiction stories. After a while I looked him up to see what he looked like. It helps to know what people look like when reading about them. Then about a year ago I think, I read a story either called "Line in the Sand" or just based on the song. So I decided to give it a listen to. And it's a slower song where he actually sings and I fell in love with the song. I had started getting into "screamy" songs as long as they had a little bit of singing in them. The more I listened, the better the songs got and the more I liked the band. I've even gotten a couple of DVD's about them.

I mean, I can't listen to their CD straight through or anything. The screaming would get to me. But whatever, I like them as people too and I think that's important. Because if you can't like them as people, how can you like their music. There are some bands where I don't know anything about the people but the ones I do know about, I have to like.

And lastly, I know this is a completely shallow reason to like a band but I think Brandan is very hot. I don't care that he's married either. Not like I would ever meet him and have a chance to date him anyway.

But overall, a very good band with a new CD coming out September 30 that I'm excited to hear.
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