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The Things I Love

The Little Red Door

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The Little Red Door

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Title: The Little Red Door
Characters: OMC's and OFC's
Summary: When they left their college town for Spring Break 2006, they never thought it would end up the way it did.
Disclaimer: I own all these characters since I made them up in my mind


When they left their college town for Spring Break 2006, they never thought it would end up the way it did.
Megan, Shawna, Austin, and Adam decided they wanted to take a road trip for their Spring Break vacation. They packed up the car and headed out of town as soon as everyone was done with their last class. They had no set plan on where they would go or stay but they knew they would have a great time.

Ch. 1

The four friends had been on the road for about two hours when Megan made an exclamation.

“I have to go to the bathroom! We need to stop!”

“Where do you suppose we stop? We’re in the middle of nowhere right now Meg,” Austin, who was driving, responded.

“I don’t know, but we need to find somewhere to stop, I gotta go!”

“I told you not to drink that whole pop,” Shawna said.

“I know, I know. I should’ve listened.”

“Look, there’s a sign saying there’s a bed and breakfast in 10 miles. We could stay there and Megan can go to the bathroom,” Adam said.

“Sounds good to me. Can you wait Megan?” Austin asked.

“Yes, let’s get there fast.”

So our foursome took the exit to the bed and breakfast. Once they arrived they realized it looked a little different than the billboard.

“Guys, I don’t have to go anymore,” Megan said.

“Yeah, I don’t think they’re open anyways,” Shawna said.

“Oh, c’mon girls. So it needs a new paint job and a few other things. But it’ll be a fun adventure,” Austin said.

“Adam, I am not staying here,” Megan said to her boyfriend.

“Fine, we’ll find somewhere else to stay. But do you wanna see if you can use a bathroom here?” Adam asked.

“No, I’m good. I can hold it.”

“You couldn’t hold it fifteen minutes ago,” Austin said.

“Shut up Austin. This place looks creepy. Can we just find a gas station or something?”

“Yeah, alright,” Austin said as he put the car back in drive and they headed towards the small town.

They finally found a gas station and pulled in. Megan and Shawna went in to use the bathroom while the boys refilled the gas tank and got everyone some snacks for the trip.

They decided they would drive to the next decent size town they could find with a nice hotel and stay there for the night. They drove for another two hours before they found a place they wanted to stay for the night. They checked into a room for the night and decided they wanted to go to the pool and hot tub for a little bit.

After they came back from swimming they each showered and changed for bed. Megan noticed they had a closet in their room with a door and she thought that was odd for a hotel and decided to check it out. She opened it up and noticed a smaller door at the back of the closet.

“Hey guys, the closet has a little door inside it.”

“Cool, open it up,” Austin said as he walked over to Megan.

“No, what if there’s a spider or a rat or something in there?”

“Ugh, girls,” Austin said.

“Austin shut up!” Megan said.

“Guys, don’t fight, this is only the first night,” Shawna said.

“Well, he keeps starting it,” Megan said.

“Just ignore him,” Shawna said.

“Hey! I don’t want to be ignored,” Austin said.

“Hey! How about everyone stops arguing and we open the door?” Adam said.

“Alright, alright. I’ll open the door,” Austin said.

Austin crouched down and opened the door. It was dark inside so he asked Adam to hand him the flashlight they had packed. Adam handed it to him and he pointed the beam inside the doorway.

“What do you see?” Megan asked.

“Nothing, it’s just a dark corridor,” he said.

“Let’s see what’s in there,” Shawna said.

“But it’s dark,” Megan said.

“Austin will lead the way with the flashlight and we’ll follow and once he finds something we’ll be able to see it,” Shawna said.

“Alright, but Adam is right behind me,” Megan said.

“Ok,” Shawna said.

So Austin started to crawl in with Shawna behind him followed by Megan and finally Adam. The four crawled for about ten feet before Austin felt the floor slope down at a 45-degree angle.

“Guys maybe we should go back. I don’t think this is safe,” Austin said.

“Alright, let’s turn around,” Adam said as they all turned around.

“Austin, don’t stare at my butt,” Shawna said as they crawled.

“What do you want me to look at? Your butt is right in front of my face,” Austin responded.

“Whatever,” Shawna said.

“Uh, guys, the door is shut,” Adam said once they had crawled back.

“So?” Megan said.

“I didn’t shut it though,” Adam said.

“Maybe it shut on it’s own or something,” Austin said.

“Yeah, I guess,” Adam said going to push the door open. “Um, it won’t open.”

“Is there a handle?” Shawna asked.

“No,” Adam said.

“Um, now what?” Megan asked.

“Anyone have their cell phone on them?” Shawna asked.

“Yeah,” Megan said.

“Well, use it to call help.”

“Ok,” Megan said as she pulled her phone from her pocket. “No service. Again, now what?”

“I guess we turn back around and see where we end up,” Austin said.

“Alright, here we go again,” Adam said as they turned around and headed through the corridor again.

They reached the slope of the corridor again and switched their positions so they could sit and slide down the tunnel. They were sliding down for about twenty feet Austin could see a light coming from an opening. They ended up in a small room that looked like it belonged in a castle.

“Guys where are we?” Shawna asked.

“I have no idea,” Austin said.

“Maybe we should go back up the tunnel,” Megan said.

“Um, it’s gone,” Adam said as he turned around.

“What!” Shawna exclaimed.

“The hole we came out of is gone,” Adam said as they all turned around and looked.

“Maybe we should’ve stayed at that creepy bed and breakfast,” Megan said.
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