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The Things I Love

The Little Door

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The Little Door

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Pacey and Joey boat
Title: The Little Door
Characters: OMC's and OFC's (Adam, Austin, Megan, Shawna and others)
Summary: When they left their college town for Spring Break 2006, they never thought it would end up the way it did.
Disclaimer: I own all these characters since I made them up in my mind. Nothing's really been checked except for me reading it through a few times. And I also claim to know nothing about the time period this is set in, I might make up random things that make no sense or whatever.

Ch. 6

About an hour later Lizzie returned back to the room the four were in with an armful of clothing for everyone. She had two dresses for Megan and Shawna and some clothes of her cousin’s she had found in the laundry room.

“I think these clothes should fit all of you. We can go into town tomorrow to get different clothes for you if needed,” Lizzie said.

“These should be fine, thank you,” Adam said.

“Good. I can show the boys to another room down the hall so you all can change in privacy, follow me,” Lizzie said as she lead the Adam and Austin out of the room.

“Shawna, what are we gonna do when we need to go to the bathroom? I’m pretty sure they don’t have indoor plumbing.”

“I hadn’t even thought of that yet. I, ew, I don’t even want to think about it right now,” Shawna said as she changed into the new dress Lizzie had brought.

“These dresses are really pretty but I’m glad we don’t have to wear them every day back home.”

“Me too. I think I’d revolt if somebody all of a sudden decided we had to wear dresses like this everyday again.”

“I’d be there right along with you,” Megan said right before Lizzie came back into the room.

“Do they fit alright?” Lizzie asked.

“Yeah, thanks. They’re beautiful,” Shawna said.

“Thank you.”

“I feel like a princess in this dress,” Megan said.

“Well, I am a princess,” Lizzie said.

“Wow,” Shawna and Megan said together.

“It’s not that impressive really. Oh, that reminds me, we’re having a ball in a few days. If you’re still here would you like to come?” Lizzie asked.

“A ball? Seriously? Of course!” Megan exclaimed.

“Yeah, I totally agree,” Shawna said.

“Great! Then we will have to go into town tomorrow to get all of you new clothing. There will be so many people there no one will notice a few extra people in case you’re worried about that,” Lizzie said.

“I’m excited now. The boys probably won’t want to go but whatever I can’t wait,” Megan said right before the two boys walked back into the room.

“Well, don’t you guys look spiffy,” Shawna said.

“Thanks, you guys looks great too,” Adam said.

“I feel like a dork,” Austin said. “Don’t say a word Megan. Just don’t.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything mean. I was going to tell you that you both look great, but whatever,” Megan said.

“Sorry,” Austin said.

Adam and Shawna looked between the two and looked at each other very confused. Austin and Megan were almost never that nice to each other. Megan and Shawna were roommates their freshman year at college and had met Adam and Austin at a party a couple weeks into the school year. The boys had been best friends since grade school. Austin and Megan had gotten into a fight a couple minutes after meeting each other. Adam had to come over and break them up. He and Megan hit it off right away and after a couple days they were an official couple. Two years later they were still together and to everyone else’s knowledge Austin and Megan still didn’t get along. But for the last six months they had been getting along very well behind Adam’s back.

“Guys, Lizzie invited us to a ball in a few days! Isn’t that exciting?” Megan said.

“A ball, like a dance?” Austin asked.


“That doesn’t sound much like us staying unseen,” Adam said.

“There will be a lot of people there, no one will notice a few extra people. I’ve been to so many of these things and no one knows everyone that’s there,” Lizzie said.

“Alright, but Austin and I aren’t that great of dancers and I figure we’ll have to dance, right?”

“That’s alright. I can teach you all some dances if you want before the ball,” Lizzie said.

“That would be great! I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance real fancy,” Megan said.

“Great. So tomorrow we’ll go into town and get some clothes for the ball and then later and the next day we’ll work on the dancing,” Lizzie said. “Now, stay here and I’ll go get you all some food. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

“Yeah, I’m starving,” Austin said.

“Would you like someone to come with you to help?” Adam asked.

“Sure, why don’t you and Shawna come with me? It would be nice to talk to the two of you some more since I already got to talk to the others,” Lizzie said.

“Sure, c’mon Shawna. Be good you two,” Adam said as he pointed to Austin and Megan.

“We’ll be fine, go,” Austin said.

“Ok, we’ll be back soon,” Adam said as the three of them left.

Ch. 7

“You look very beautiful in that dress,” Austin said.


“Will you dance with me at the ball?”

“No, we can’t. We don’t get along Austin. Adam and Shawna will know something is up if we are willing dance together.”

“I can make it look like I don’t really want to but am just being nice and you can make it look like you rather do anything else but agree finally.”

“No Austin.”

“But what if I have no one else to dance with?” Austin said as he came over and put his arms around Megan.

“You can dance with Shawna or Lizzie or any other girl there. I’m sure your charms will work on them. You’ve never had a problem finding someone to dance with,” Megan said as she leaned into Austin.

“Yeah, but…”

“No buts,” Megan said. “Things need to stop between us. This would destroy Adam if he ever found out. Our little moment earlier of being nice to each other earlier was probably a little strange to Adam and Shawna. We never get along.”

“I know. Man this is almost a Dawson’s Creek theme. We’re Pacey and Joey and he’s Dawson.”

“I can’t believe you know all that,” Megan said.

“Shut up, my old girlfriend loved the show and made me watch it with her.”

“That was sweet of you to watch it with her.”

“Thanks,” Austin said as he leaned down and kissed Megan again.

“Austin,” Megan said as he pulled away.

“Sorry, that’s the last one, I promise.”

“Good,” Megan said as she went and sat down on the floor. “I miss home Austin. This has been fun for a couple hours and I’m sure the ball will be fun but I want to go home.”

“I know, me too,” Austin said as he sat down a few feet away from Megan.

“We’re back,” Shawna said as they came back into the room.

“I see you’re both still alive,” Adam said as he handed out some food to Austin and Megan.

“Yeah, we took your advice, we were good. We hardly talked at all,” Austin said as he looked at Megan.

“Austin was good and didn’t say anything annoying so we were okay,” Megan said.

“Good, I’d hate to have to explain how one of you died in the past because we left you two alone,” Adam said.

“Oh you’re so funny,” Austin said as they all settled in and ate their meals.

While they were eating Elizabeth went back into the castle and found a couple of empty rooms with beds for the four to sleep in. They were nowhere near what they were used to but they would have to do.

Ch. 8

The next morning everyone waited in their rooms until Elizabeth came to get them and brought them back to their original room. They couldn’t risk getting caught yet because no one wanted to find out what would happen if they were found.

“Ok, as soon as you’re all ready we can head into town and get you some clothes for the ball,” Lizzie said after they had eaten breakfast.

“Do we have to go shopping with you? Can’t you just buy us something and we’ll wait here or something?” Austin asked.

“No, you guys have to come with us,” Shawna said.

“Why? I agree with Austin,” Adam said.

“Come on guys, come with us. Even if just to see what the town looks like. Do you really want to head back to 2009 and have only seen the inside of this castle?” Megan asked.

“No, I guess not, but I hate shopping,” Austin said.

“You have to come with us, I’m sure they don’t have normal sizes like back home for clothing. We won’t be able to get something that fits you,” Megan said as she gave Austin a look that begged him to listen to her.

“Yeah, ok. Sure. Let’s go.”

They made their way into town in a carriage pulled by a two horses. To say the least it was a different experience for the four who only knew cars and other motor vehicles as their mode of transportation.

“How far is it into town?” Shawna asked.

“Oh, it is not long. Just a little longer,” Lizzie said.

“Is this as fast as this thing can go?” Austin asked.

“I don’t know. I guess so, why? Do your horses move faster in your time?” Lizzie said.

“Um, I don’t know. We drive cars where we’re from,” Austin said.

“Car? I don’t understand,” Lizzie said with a very puzzled expression on her face.

“Don’t worry about it. They won’t be invented for another 400-500 years,” Austin said.

“Ok. I think I’ll stop asking about your modern inventions, I just get more confused,” Lizzie said.

“That’s probably a good idea,” Austin said.

“I'm pretty impressed you know when cars were invented,” Megan said.

“Well, I do like cars so I know some history about them,” Austin said.

“That’s pretty cool. I know enough to drive my car and that’s it. Don’t say anything, my dad takes care of the car for me,” Megan said as she stopped Austin’s retort.

“Ok, I won’t. But you know someday you’ll have to do that on your own.”

“No, there’s lights in the dash and then I’ll take it to a mechanic if it needs something fixed.”

“Girls,” Austin and Adam said together.

“Boys,” Megan and Shawna said as Lizzie looked at them all strangely.

“I don’t get it,” Lizzie said.

“It’s nothing. It’s just a saying, sorta,” Shawna said.

“Ok, we’re almost there now. I think you all should stay close to me once we get there. I would hate for us to get separated. We’ll get the boys’ clothes first and then some dresses for the girls.”

“Why do we have to go first?” Austin asked.

“Because we’ll take longer. And by the time we’re done you’d be too bored to want to get your own clothes. So we’ll get you done first,” Megan said.

“Whatever,” Austin said.

They got to town and headed to a shop to get the boys something to wear to the ball. It took about an hour to get everything picked out, fitted and tailored to fit them. After that they headed off to get dresses for the girls to wear. They had been there for about half an hour before the boys started to get restless.

“How much longer?” Austin asked.

“We haven’t been here that long Austin,” Megan said.

“Yeah, and it took an hour for you guys,” Shawna said.

“But we already had our clothes picked out by now.”

“You don’t have as many options as we do,” Megan said.

“But I’m bored,” Austin said.

“Shut up man. This is what happens when you go shopping with girls. What have you done in the past with your girlfriends when they wanted you to come shopping with them?” Adam asked.

“Um, I went to the food court or the arcade or music store or didn’t go with them.”

“No wonder you’re single,” Megan said. “You act like a 13 year old boy. Now sit there and be quiet.”

Austin just rolled his eyes at Megan and leaned back in the chair he was sitting in. It took the girls another half hour to decide what they wanted. Then they got them fitted and altered.

“The clothes will all be delivered to the castle before the ball so we don’t have to worry about them now,” Lizzie said.

“Cool, now what can we do?” Austin asked.

“What do you mean?” Lizzie asked.

“I don’t know, what is there to do here? Can you show us around? I mean, you are a princess, you gotta know some cool things to show us,” Austin said as Lizzie looked at him very confused again.

“What did I say?”

“Cool? You’ve used it twice and I don’t understand,” Lizzie said.

“It’s means good. He was happy we were done shopping. And can you show us some fun or good things around here,” Shawna clarified.

“Oh, I see. And yes, I can have the driver show you around town and the countryside before we head back home,” Lizzie said.

They rode around in the carriage for a couple of hours before they headed back to the castle because it was time to eat lunch. Lizzie’s parents were out of town until the day of the ball so the four were able to eat out in public.

Ch. 9

The day of the ball has finally arrived. The four have been both homesick and excited for the ball. When Lizzie was not busy with anything she was teaching all of them how to dance at the ball and how to act around all the people who were going to be there. But they had all decided they were going to try and keep very low key and not interact much more than they needed to.

Lizzie had gotten her maid to help Megan and Shawna get dressed and style their hair. Lizzie told the boys how to do their hair and left them to their own devices to get dressed.

“Well, don’t you boys look handsome,” Shawna said when they all stepped out into the hallway.

“Why, thank you. You girls all look very beautiful too,” Adam said.

“Thank you. We should be heading down now. Adam and Megan need to walk in together and Austin and Shawna need to go together,” Lizzie said.

“Why?” Austin asked.

“Well, Adam and Megan are a couple and it would look less obvious if you all walked in as couples,” Lizzie said.

“Ok, but what about you?” Adam asked.

“I can go alone because everyone in the kingdom knows I am single, but no one knows you.”

“Oh, yeah, that makes sense,” Adam said.

“Well, let’s go,” Megan said.

They went downstairs to the ballroom of the castle. It was decorated very fancy and fun for the celebration of that night.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful,” Megan said. “This doesn’t feel real, I feel like I’m in a movie.”

“I can’t believe this. Thank you so much Lizzie for inviting us to come,” Shawna said.

“You’re welcome. I hope you all have fun tonight. But I’m afraid I have to leave you now. I have to do my ‘princess duties’ as you would say,” Lizzie said as she looked at Austin. “But please try to avoid my parents, they’re the ones over there. And remember the back-story we created for all of you. I would hate it if something happened to you tonight.”

“Don’t worry we’ll be careful. Go, we’ll be fine,” Megan said.

After Lizzie left the group alone no one knew what to do next.

"So what exactly does one do at a ball when they're from the future and can't let anyone know that?" asked Austin.

"Quiet, we don't want to be overheard. I know Lizzie gave us some advice but I think it would be best if we didn't try and interact too much," Shawna said.

"I agree but I wonder how long we can stand off to the side without it being totally obvious we don't belong," Megan said.

"Well, we could always dance," Adam said rolling his eyes little bit.

"That sounds like a great idea. Thanks for bringing it up," Shawna said

"I didn't really mean it," Adam said.

"Doesn't matter. I want to dance and since I know Austin won't dance with me, you'll have to do. As long as Megan doesn't mind, I mean," Shawna said.

"No, go ahead, dance. I'll get him the next time," Megan said as Shawna drug Adam out to the dance floor.

"You know, I'll dance with you if you want," Austin said.

"I thought we already talked about this Austin, no dancing."

"I know, but I thought maybe you'd changed your mind," Austin said.

"Well, I haven't, so just drop it ok?"

"Fine, whatever you want," Austin said as they lapsed into silence.

A few minutes later a young man began approaching the pair and he definitely looked like he belonged there was someone important.

"Good evening m'lady," he said in Megan's direction not even acknowledging Austin's presence.

"Uh, good evening to you," Megan said hoping she didn't sound too weird or out of place.

"I was wondering if you would like to dance, unless you are otherwise engaged," he asked finally glancing in Austin's direction.

"She's..." Austin started before Megan cut him off.

"I would gladly like to dance with you," she said taking the man's offered hand.

"Megan..." Austin tried again without much luck again.

"I'll be fine, you may go find yourself someone to dance with," she said as she went off with the mystery man.

Once they were on the dance floor and had started moving (with relative ease Megan noted, thank you Lizzie) he finally introduced himself.

"I'm Prince Logan of Brighton, I don't believe I've seen you before. What's your name?"

"Nice to meet you, my name is Megan."

"And what country do you hail from?"

"I'm sure you've never heard of it, it's really tiny and we just changed the name..." Megan tapered off.

"It does not matter the size, be proud of where you come from," Logan said.

"California, it's on the island of America," Megan said hoping Logan wouldn't question her too much or ask others about this California place.

"Well, you are correct, I have never heard of this place. I may have to learn more of your country."

"Oh, you don't have to do that. Like I said, it's really small," Megan said hoping he would drop the subject and wishing she could remember where Lizzie had told them to say they were from.

"Alright, we'll move on but I would still like to know more of this California and America. Are there many countries there?" Logan asked.

"Yes there are but, um, how do you know Princess Elizabeth?"

"I've known Liza since we were babies. My family comes to these balls all the time."

"I see, I can't think of anyone I've known that long. Are the balls always this amazing?" she asked.

"That's a shame and yes, they are. But they can grow boring after a while. Do they not have many balls in your country?"

"No, not really. We don't have many things this fancy."

"I would like to see your country. It sounds so different from what I'm used to."

"It's not that great. Really," Megan said.

"It can't be all that bad. You live there," Logan said looking down at her.

Megan didn't know what to say after that so they continued to dance in silence as many thoughts swirled around in her head, maybe this place isn't so bad after all.

* * *

After a couple of songs Adam and Shawna wandered back to Austin to find him alone still.

"Um, Austin, where is Megan? I know you two don't get along but you're supposed to be watching out for her," Adam said.

"I am watching her. She's dancing with that guy over there," Austin said pointing in the general of the dancing couple.

"Who is that guy?" Adam asked.

"I don't know, but he sure is cute," Shawna said. "If I had known cute guys would ask me to dance I would've stayed over here."

"Shawna, I don't care. That guy is dancing with my girlfriend. Austin, why didn't you stop it?"

"I tried but Megan shut me up and I couldn't really grab her and make her stay. That would've caused a scene, buddy," Austin said.

"Ugh, how long have they been out there?" Adam asked.

"I don't know. He came over a little bit after you two left."

"I'm gonna go get her after this song if they don't come back," Adam said.

"Adam, let them be, she's fine. We're supposed to be inconspicuous," Shawna said.

"Ok, fine. But I don't like it."

"I know, but you'll be fine," Shawna said.

* * *

"I would like to introduce you to my parents," Logan said as the song ended.

"What?" Megan asked.

"I think they would like you and I know my father would love to hear of California and America. He loves to travel."

"Oh, um, I can't."

"Why not?"

"No, I mean. I can't right now. I have to get back to my friends. They are probably wondering where I disappeared off to."

"Your one friend knows where you are," Logan said trying to direct her off the dance floor.

"I know, but I need to check in. Can I meet your parents later tonight?"

"I guess that would be alright. It was a pleasure Miss Megan," Logan said kissing her hand before walking away.

Megan walked back over to her friends in a sort of daze and almost ran into two people are on the way.

"Who was that?" Shawna asked excitedly.

"Prince Logan of Brighton."

"Where is that?" Austin asked.

"England, don't you remember anything from Geography class?" Adam said.

"Well, excuse me, Mr. Smartypants. I'm sorry I don't retain everything I've ever learned."

"Shut up, you two," Shawna said. "I want to know more about Prince Logan."

"Well, he's known Lizzie his whole life but other than that, I don't know much. He kept asking me about myself. And I may have blown our cover," Megan said looking at her three friends.

"What do you mean, 'may have blown our cover'?" Adam asked.

"He asked where I was from and I couldn't remember what Lizzie told us to say so I said I was from California..."

"Oh no," Shawna said.

"...on the island of America," Megan finished.

"Oh boy, what did he say?" Adam asked.

"That he wanted to know more. And then he wanted me to meet his parents and tell his father about California and America because he loves to travel."

"Lizzie is not going to like this," Adam said.

"I know, but I blanked. I really messed up the whole, 'stay under the radar' thing didn't I?"

"You should've just stayed with me. Would've been a lot simpler," Austin said.

"Shut up Austin. I don't need a lecture right now."

"Calm down. I'm not lecturing. Just saying."

"Don't fight you two. Maybe we should find Lizzie and get her help," Shawna said.

"I don't know if we should bother her," Adam said.

"What if Prince Logan starts telling people about the girl he met from California and then others want to know about it? Then what would we do?" Austin asked.

"Austin's right. We can't let everyone in the ball start talking about this. I can't let my one slip-up mess things up completely for us," Megan said.

"Ok, let's go look for her. But try and stay out of the way," Adam said.

The group walked around for a minute before they easily found Lizzie. But getting to her would be a different matter since she had a line of men waiting to dance with her.

"One of you guys are going to have to get in the line and talk to her there," Megan said.

"I'll do it," Austin said.

"No, you'll just flirt with her. I'll do it," Adam said.

"I would not. I would tell her what's going on."

"Stop it, Adam will do it. He's more calm and level headed than you are," Megan said.

"Fine, whatever, go before the line gets to long and Princess Logan spills the beans."

"Austin! That's not very nice," Megan said.

"Oh whatever, who cares. It's not like we're gonna have to deal with him forever."

"You're just jealous," Megan said.

"Jealous? Me? Of who, Princess Logan? Why on earth would I be jealous of him?"

"Oh I don't know, he's a prince, handsome, rich, got to dance with me."

"Ok, fine, you win. I'm jealous. Does that make you happy? He's everything I want to be," Austin said before walking off and leaving the two girls alone.

"Megan, what just happened?" Shawna asked.

"Austin's being a jerk."

"Um, I don't think that's it. I saw the look on his face when you said 'got to dance with me' and when he said he was jealous and 'he's everything I want to be'. I think there's something more going on."

"Nothing, nothings going on," Megan said trying to turn away from her best friend.

"Why did you even bring up getting to dance with you? Look at me Meg. What's going on with you two? You guys have been acting weird ever since we got here."

"No we haven't. It's just this whole 'going back in time' thing."

"Are you sure that's all it is?" Shawna asked.

"No, not at all," Megan said looking on the verge of tears.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't tell you, not here and not now anyway."

"Ok, later though?"

"Yeah, later," Megan said giving one last look toward Adam before turning away completely.

* * *

Six guys later, Adam finally made it to Lizzie for his turn to dance.

"Well, hello, Adam."

"Good evening Princess Elizabeth."

"I see you're adapting."

"Well, kind of. I need to talk to you about something."


"You're friend Prince Logan..."

"Oh, he's a wonderful young man," Lizzie interjected.

"Yeah, I'm sure he is. Anyway, he asked Megan to dance and while they were dancing he asked where she was from and she forgot the place you told her to say we were from..."

"Oh no, what did she say?"

"That she was from California, on the island of America. And then he wanted to talk about it and kept asking her about it. Then he wanted her to meet his parents and to tell them about California and America."

"Oh my. I will have to talk to him and not let him talk about this to anyone."

"No, Lizzie, you're busy. I'm sure we can think of something."

"No, this is more important than dancing with a bunch of men I don't want to marry. Let's go find him," Lizzie said as she walked off the dance floor dragging Adam behind her.

* * *

Shawna saw Lizzie dragging Adam off the floor and grabbed Megan to follow them. It only took Lizzie a minute to find Logan and only seconds before Megan and Shawna caught up.

"Liza! And Miss Megan! How are you doing tonight?" Logan asked when they stopped in front of him.

"Good evening Logan. I'm doing well, thank you. But I need to talk to you," Lizzie said.

"Alright, what about?"

"Have you told anyone about where Megan told you she was from?" Lizzie asked.

"No, I was going to tell my father but he has been busy. Why?"

"You can't tell him about it."

"Why not?"

"You just can't, Logan."

"Please, tell me Liza."

"It's a really long and complicated story."

"I would like to hear it."

"Um, let me talk to these, three," Lizzie said noticing Austin wasn't with the group.

"That is fine, I'll wait."

"Ok," Lizzie said turning to the group. "Would it be alright to tell him? I know it's not wise to have to many people know but I've known Logan for my whole life. I trust him."

"I don't like this but if he can help, then I guess we should," Adam said.

"Go ahead, it's better for one more person to know than everyone at the party," Shawna said.

"Alright," Lizzie said turning back to Logan. "You're probably going to think I'm out of my mind but..."

"Never Liza, tell me."

"Megan, along with her friends Shawna, Adam and their other friend Austin are from the future. The year 2009 to be exact."

"The future. Are you serious?"

"Yes. They came here through a tunnel into the castle that disappeared and now they are trapped here until we can find a way to get them home."

"Miss Megan, is this true? You are from the future?" Logan asked.

"Yes, it's true. And I wasn't lying about where I come from. It's just that America hasn't been discovered yet," Megan said.

"Wow, I don't know what to say."

"Say you'll keep our secret. And help us," Megan said.

"Ok. Yes. I will do both. But if my parents find out..."

"I know. I feel the same way," said Lizzie.

"Then we have a deal," said Megan.

* * *

Once the deal was made Lizzie had to go back to her duties since her mother wasn't pleased that she left potential suitors on the dance floor to go talk to people. The three stayed and talked to Prince Logan. Adam wasn't much of a fan since he thought Logan was trying to charm his girlfriend and she was doing nothing to stop it. They didn't see Austin again for the rest of the night until they went back to their rooms.

"Austin, man, what happened? Where have you been this whole time?" Adam asked when the three of them walked into the boys' room.

"I got tired of the ball so I came back up here to wait until you guys came back."

"What? You got tired of a party? What's wrong?" Adam asked.

"He and Megan got into a fight and he stormed off," Shawna said.

"What? I thought you guys were gonna cool it tonight," Adam said.

"It was no big deal, man," Austin said.

"Big enough that you left a party," Adam said.

"It was nothing, Adam. Leave it alone," Megan said.

"Now I'm really confused," Adam said.

"It's late and it's been a long day. It doesn't matter. Let's just all go to bed," Megan said.

"Yeah, I agree," Shawna said.

"Ok, yeah, we can talk in the morning," Adam said.

They said their goodnights and the girls went to their room for the night.

"What's up man?" Adam asked once they were alone.

"Nothing. I don't want to talk about it. I'll feel better in the morning. I just want to go to sleep right now," Austin said.

"Ok, night."


Meanwhile, in the girls room Shawna decided now was a good time to question Megan about earlier.

"Ok, so about earlier? What's going on with you and Austin?"

"I was hoping this would never have to come out. First off, it never should've happened and second I know it has to end and that it's stupid and I can't explain it and..."

"Get to the point, you're rambling."

"Sorry. For the last six months Austin and I have been..."

"Oh my god, I can't believe this. What the..."

"I know. We didn't mean for this to happen. It just did."

"He's Adam's best friend! Of all the people," Shawna said.

"I know, I know."

"Do you love him?"

"Who? Austin?"

"Yes, no, both. Don't you still love Adam?"

"Austin and I are not in love. It's just a fling or something. I don't know. And yes, I still love Adam. I'm still with him aren't I?"

"Yeah, but you're cheating on him with his best friend! Someone you publicly claim to not even like!"

"I know, stop yelling. You don't want the whole castle to hear us, do you?"

"No, sorry. I just don't know how to handle my best friend telling me she's cheating on her boyfriend of two years with his best friend."

"I know. But please don't say anything."

"Well, you guys need to stop this."

"I know and I told him that. But we just...I don't know."

"I think it's more than a fling."

"Me too."
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