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Let's kick things off with an "A" band: Atreyu!

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Let's kick things off with an "A" band: Atreyu!

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Dave the Minx
Ok, so I'm not starting at the top of my list but I was thinking about how to write this one last night when the whole idea came to me so I'm starting with them.


I haven't been a fan of them for too long but I've known the name for a few years. When I first heard the name I was in a different place musically and didn't really go for their type of music even though I never listened to it. Most of the time I get into bands because they're friends with/associated with other bands I already know and love. I guess this is probably how I got into Atreyu but I don't remember who they were associated with that I knew. It was too long ago to remember.

Probably a couple years or something later I'd started hearing more about them. I decided I should listen to a song by them and give them a chance. So I went to my non-iTunes downloading place and searched for them. I honestly have no idea what song I picked. I just remember playing it and not liking it because of all the screaming.

Then I'd been reading stories involving Alex and then they were going to be on the Taste of Chaos Tour 2008 and I decided I should give them another shot. The Theft was the first song I got and then I moved on to others and liked what I heard. Somewhere along the way the screaming mostly stopped annoying me. If you don't think about it too much and listen to the music you realize how good it really is. I mean, yeah, sometimes I still feel like they're screaming at me but whatever, I still like it.

I guess that's the story of how I found out about Atreyu. I might not be a die-hard-from-the-beginning-mosh-pit-fan but I still like them.
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